Monday, September 25, 2006

federer worship

One of the hazards of worshiping your sporting hero's is that they might not be attractive personalities off the court (or field or whatever). This can lead to ridiculous mental gymnastics trying to rationalize vicious head butts or deliberately crashing into opponents. Sometimes your hero might just be boring and spout stupid slogans after a match. Roger Federer makes me cringe a little when he explains how great he is after his latest triumph (though it normally comes off better when you actually watch the interview).

I think this shows honesty as much as arrogance, nobody would deny that he has dominated tennis over the last three or so years, it just doesn't sound right coming from him. I've watched two matches where I thought he was going to lose but ended up winning. In both cases he said he was lucky.

I just found this quote after the US Open:
After winning Wimbledon, I sort of said: 'OK, whoever wins the US Open is really better'.
You see? Not arrogance, honesty!

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