Wednesday, September 20, 2006

immigration # 437

After slyly smuggling immigration into the last post I will be bolder here. While I?m keen on focusing on the benefits to potential immigrants I am getting less keen on talking about the rights of wannabe immigrants. Not because these are not significant but because people focus on their own citizens and don?t care much about foreigners. Restrictions on immigration involves coercing citizens of recipient countries by preventing them from hiring or housing (or whatever) people that they choose.

Rich people are the ones who would normally make use of this freedom, but, however appealing; simply thwarting the rich is not a noble goal.


gt said...

I agree. Of course the coersion doesn't just involve preventing rich people from hiring immigrants. Poor and (especially) middle class people in rich countries also benefit from the labour provided by immigrants (e.g. cheap Indian restaurants, cheaper fruit/vegetables picked by immigrant labour, cheaper hotels/B&Bs etc). For some of these people the costs (lower income through competition with immigrants) might outweigh the benefits, but certainly not for all.

stuart said...

yip, but the public is strangely unconcerned about the benefits of cheap prices to poor people.