Thursday, September 21, 2006


I just sat through a lecture on the wonders of marxism. Of course, every last word that flowed from Marx's pen was true (even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff as Ned Flanders would say) and towards the end of the lecture he said without irony, "We insist on following an economic model (capitalism) that has been thoroughly discredited".

Other highlights included his delight that there was at least one "leftist" in the class, you know, cos we are drowning in a sea of capitalist pigs and his disgust at the sale of the Waterfront. The nationalism that appears in the sports pages is awful, but not as awful as South Africans being allowed to sell their property to anyone they like. I don't know the details of the sale but it was clear (to me) that he found the idea of foreigners owning South African land was just outrageous.

Update: Apparently the US is suffering through the worst recession in its history.


GT said...

I know this isn't the appropriate response, but hearing stuff like that just makes me depressed. If I was in the class I doubt I could muster the energy to argue. Did you?

stuart said...

No, i would get worked up but then feel deflated.

Also when "the market" is denounced (repeatedly this morning), its hard to argue without getting into a long fruitless argument about what you actually think "the market" is. is it evil vampire monster or something else?

I made a comment about a factual error. he took it in his stide.