Thursday, September 28, 2006

more marxism

A complaint that I've heard before is that schools are in the business of putting kids in their place in the name of the market, "Joe, you will be a manager because that is what you deserve and Billy, you will be a worker." I have no idea how much influence business leaders have over education policy but I doubt that they are in favour of dumbing down the curriculum in the way some of our lecturers claim. The complaint is part of a broader claim that the state is indoctrinating kids to its chosen ideology (which I kind of agree with, but not for the same reasons).

I don't think business leaders should decide education policy, that would be very un-free markety. The thing is that it is that education is one the most socialist parts of our society. The state controls the curriculum and most of what goes on. In a free market there would be different types of schools emphasising different kinds of things. It would be an excellent way of avoiding the awful indoctrination that is currently taking place on such a large scale. When the Marxists finally gain control of education I don't get the impression that there will be a huge diversity of ideas taught and I somehow doubt that capitalism will get much time in the classroom. Of course that would be because capitalism is wrong and bad, Marxists will teach the true and good stuff, to all the kids. Lucky them.

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