Thursday, October 19, 2006

teachers are not underpaid

Well, some are, but my guess is that most teachers (in South Africa at least) are overpaid. But that's just a guess, I could be wrong, any suggestions on how to find out?

If there were a free market in education I think most teachers would be paid more, but they would also teach differently, and probably different stuff.


buggery git said...

hey stu.

Was this a random thought or a response to something from a different post? On what data do you base the statement?

What could you earn as a teacher with your qualifications? What about in the private sector? Which job is more important (whatever that means)?

How is it that most teachers are overpaid? I've tried to find data on average salaries at various stages of a teaching career and at different types of schools, but it seems hard to come by. Could you point me to a good source?

stuart said...

Hello buggery git

It was a pretty random thought. It just comes up often in class is all; we (potential) teachers like feeling sorry for ourselves.

I can?t point to any good sources right now (I?m busy) but I?ve come across some numbers this year. Starting teachers at government schools earn about R8000 plus benefits, which are pretty good. Your pay increases with time and "merit" but very slowly.

I think this is overpaying because most teachers are shit and they never get fired. It is normal to think of teachers as very important but I think most teachers do very little that is valuable. Most teachers probably could earn more in the private sector, but work conditions would be very different. The best way to find out how much teachers are worth (how important they are) is to privatize education.

stuart said...

this is mark right?