Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm getting better

Not that I was sick? more of a sickness of the mind. And I'm not better yet, just getting better. I'm less outraged by opinions contrary to my own these days. I don't always leap to conclusions of malice or stupidity. But I do sometimes. This pisses me off. This is Steve Sailer response to Alex Tabarrok's open letter on immigration. It's long, but here's a taste
Well, first let's not blame all economists. The vast majority had the self-respect not to sign.

Notably lacking from the list were the biggest names in the field?such as Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Paul Krugman, Paul Samuelson, and Gary Becker Apparently, they have risen high enough that they can afford to dissent from their colleagues politically-correct happy-face groupthink on immigration.
Friedman and Becker are outspoken in their advocacy of immigration. Both have said, recently on the net, that they are in favour of much more immigration (especially for high skilled workers) and would be in favour of free immigration if the welfare state were smaller (which they also want). I've come across other economist bloggers (who are the most likely to be aware of the letter) who didn't sign but are very pro-immigration. In other words, not signing the letter doesn?t mean you are anti-immigration. Sailer knows all this.

His post is nasty and dishonest. Sailer is not stupid so he must be evil.

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