Thursday, November 23, 2006

is borat funny?

I admit that I laughed quite a lot during the movie, but I also laughed during American Pie and for exactly the same reasons. Toilet humor is like that, sometimes you just can't help laughing, it's like being tickled. Plenty of people (including people I normally go out of my way to agree with) think it's clever and witty. It's like satire man, exposing peoples (Americans) prejudice and stuff.

I just don't get it, what should the people do? Would people in other countries behave differently? If it shows anything it shows that Americans have been browbeaten into accepting just about any behaviour from people of different cultures. I've listened to plenty of racist conversations where I've just sat there awkwardly silent without challenging any assertions. This happened quite a lot in Stellenbosch, so some of my experience is just personal. But surely many people of my generation have listened to racist comments by their parents or grandparents without getting into an argument. It's awkward and there's probably a point where we would speak up but most of us judge that it wouldn't be worth the strife.

Fortunately some of my hero's agree with me. Here's what Christopher Hitchens has to say about the movie. Follow the link provided to read a review by someone who "gets it". Jane Galt hasn't seen it and here's why:
And the self-congratulation of much of the commentary I've read (those people need to be exposed for the bigots they are) hasn't exactly endeared it to me.


cristi said...

i haven't watched the movie yet, but i find it strange that the article found that americans tolerated borat's antics better than the english. What i love about the english is that they are sooooo polite to borat in his interviews. granted they are better at challenging him, but they seem to maintain their composure.

I hate all movies and programs that aim to put unknowing victims on the spot. i can't even watch candid camera. I feel sooooo uncomfartable.

stuart said...

I have only seen snippets of other borat and ali G stuff so i'm no expert, but when he mentions the english he's talking about kissing people on the tube and bring shit to the table at a real dinner, neither of them interviews.

i can't speak for british middle class suppers, but i really wouldnt recommend kissing men on the london tube. brits would sound so darn american though, which i think is part of the appeal of the movie. crass american accents.

it also makes me feel uncomfortable. i thought i wouldn't enjoy the movie, but many bloggers i like raved about it. besides i couldnt trash it if i didnt see it (well, i could, but that would be silly)

stuart said...

i mean brits wouldn't sound american