Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kim Jong-il

The other day I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that had "I rule" written on it and for some reason pictured Kim Jong-il wearing a similar shirt. I found this extremely funny and made a strange snorting sound which attracted a few looks.

Does anybody else find the image funny?


Andrea said...

Hee hee! I would have found this amusing-especially if it was a chick with a hot body, then you could imagine kim's little head on huge breasts!

I personally hate those expression t-shirts. I used to wear one that had 'Guess?' Written across the front(the clothing label) and I would always have some smart ass slime ball coming up to me whispering '32C baby'. For anyone who knows me, you know that i could have only taken it as a joke, as I'm barely an A! Eeuw though! Men are pigs.

Lekker blog Stu.

stuart said...

hey andrea!

i hadn't thought of putting his head on a womans body, thanks for the tip.

Ahh men! we're so clever!

cristi said...

how come, when you have a million assignments to write and no time to do it in, you manage to churn out a post almost daily? Now you on holiday and you haven't written anything new......tsk tsk

anyways, i've got a job interview to go to, so i better be off

stuart said...

blogging get's done while i'm on the computer avoiding work, not while i'm getting drunk watching TV.

good luck for your interview.

cristi said...

i got the job! yay!

I think they were suprised that someone of my awesome calibre would even apply for the post. at least thats how they acted

stuart said...

cool! well done