Thursday, November 23, 2006

king fed

I've never seen him celebrate like that before and it was just a semi final in a non-slam event. Seems to take his record against Nadal seriously. He's lost nine matches in the last two years, five against Nadal.

His record over the last three years is the most impressive three year run ever (at least statistically). Here's a comparison with the other players who have finished 3 consecutive years at number 1. I'm actually surprised by how good the other records are. Shows how entrenched my bias is.

I think this year is his most impressive year, but you argue for each year. His grand slam performances (French open apart) were most impressive in 2004, but there is a general trend towards him becoming more difficult to beat. Of the nine matches he's lost the last two years, five were in finals and two in semi-finals. He had match points in 3 of them and was 30-0 up serving for the match in another. His loss to Andy Murray is a strange blip on this record and it is the only match he lost in straight sets.

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