Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spartak Moscow pay penalty for traffic jams

This is the funniest news story I've read since Vilas "congratulating" Nadal:
After sitting in traffic that did not move for more than 45 minutes, Spartak's coach Vladimir Fedotov, decided that the team would have to abandon their bus and run to the nearest underground station over a mile way.

Even though Moscow metro attendants allowed the team through the ticket barriers without paying, the experience proved a challenge.

"I was afraid that we would lose some of our players because most of them probably have never used the metro before and could have got lost there," Mr Fedotov said. "I had to chase after everyone and make sure no one was left behind."
It was a difficult experience for the poor players
"I was shocked by how crowded it was," said Martin Stranzl, an Austrian international and Spartak's star fullback. "It was very hot in there," agreed Yegor Titov, the captain.

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