Friday, November 03, 2006

Tyler Cowen

I didn't ask if I could make our correspondence public, but somehow I don't think he'll mind.

Stuart writes

About 8% of all Zimbabweans have fled to South Africa (we recently deported 50 000 of them, aaahh, I was so proud). That's a lot; what do you think would happen if most rich countries (Of course the US would be the most important) opened their borders to Zimbabweans? Surely there's money to be made smuggling people out (most speak good English).

Would the country empty out almost completely? Wouldn't this be a good thing?
Tyler replies
yes, and yes...!
Very rewarding.

The benefit of writing these silly e-mails is that it forces you to look critically at your own writing.

It seems to me that I sound like a moron every time I e-mail someone clever and Albert Camus the rest of the time.


cristi said...

well done. I don't know who tyler cowen is, but i immagine he's a leading authority on something.

I always feel like a moron when email/speak to/post someone really clever. The difference between us is that i might just be a moron! I might be kidding...

anyways, what i should be saying is "stop blogging and emailing smart people, you should be doing your assignments instead!"

anyways, hope you got your lesson pack done.

cya monday

stuart said...

i got it under conrol.

i dont know how much of an economiscs star tyler cowen is (probably more than me). but he is a leading economics blogger, and is staggeringly well read and knowledged.

also, he likes freer immigration, so i like him