Thursday, December 21, 2006

jack and jill

Jack and Jill both work for the same high school. Jack is the principal and Jill is the vice-principal. One day the government tosses Jack in prison for being Jewish and Jill is promoted to the top job. 5 years later a more liberal government takes over and releases Jack who reapplies for the job as principal of the school. Jack is a better candidate and so gets the job and Jill gets demoted to vice-principal.

Has the new government harmed Jill? Is she due compensation?

Addendum: The issue is not weather Jill should have been demoted, it's the extent of the government's moral responsibility for the harm done to Jill by releasing Jack.


GT said...

It all depends on the terms of Jill's contract with the government.

If I could have written her contract, then she would not be due any compensation.

Spelling tip: it's principAL

stuart said...

that's embarrassing. I watch the Simpsons; the new principal Flanders says, "I plan to put the pal back in principal!"

There is no question of the terms of the contract, that’s all fine (it’s a private school by the way). Jill is harmed by government action, is she due compensation as a result?