Friday, February 09, 2007


What is Jane's point? I eventually followed all the bloody links but I can't work it out. She ponders Ampersand's (?) question:
Should criticizing (and even making fun of) the political positions of the Catholic church, the Pope, and the conservative Christian movement be “within the window” of acceptable views? Or should criticizing the Pope — even on perfectly true grounds, such as pointing out that he supports pro-life and anti-gay policies — be outside the window of what it’s politically acceptable to say and to criticize?
and says
... my admittedly limited knowledge of Non-Coastal-Elite-America indicates that in most of the country, slagging off the Pope, or indeed making fun of religion qua religion, is mostly verboten.
Oh, so that's settled then. She then goes on about how stupid atheists are for disagreeing with views often derived from religion simply because of their religious origin.

Can anybody with loads of spare time to waste set me straight?

Grammar Greg?

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GT said...

Grammar looks good. Sorry...don't have loads of spare time to waste.

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