Friday, February 09, 2007


Bloggers I like continue to irritate me. Chris Dillow thinks it is fine for footballers to earn £50,000 a week:
Take Thierry Henry. His wealth is as legitimately earned as you'll see - it comes from his vanquishing evil.
but in the same blog post he goes on to say
I'd rather ask another question of the left. Can you imagine a feasible society in which inequalities are acceptable, and no reason for state action?
I suspect the difference between me and the managerialist left is that I (just about) can.
I take his "just about" to mean that it might be possible but it's unlikely that any existing society will contain justified inequalities. But it's clear that he thinks that Henry deserves more income than other footballers, let alone acursed middle managers. Besides, I didn't think anybody still believed that a just society is a totally equal one, but Chris seems to think that is the standard view of the left. He's also against inheritance rights:
What's more, it's possible that people have a right to the income they earn - it's the self-ownership principle. But it's much less likely... that they have a right to inherit money.
My "right" to inherit money is not the same thing as my parents right to give their money to me, or do whatever the hell else they wnat with it. Its odd comming from a person who thinks people should be able to spend their money on hard drugs and prostitutes (which I agree with).

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