Friday, February 09, 2007

Philosophy of religion

Issues that should be possible to resolve but turn out not to be:
  • Was Hitler an atheist?
  • Do atheists need faith to be atheists?
  • When is it appropriate to use the terms atheist and agnostic?
  • My personal issue; why are believers so unconcerned about the problem of evil?


stuart said...


GT said...

On whether Hitler was an atheist - it's a (vaguely) interesting question, but not really relevant in the way people seem to think. His crimes were almost certainly not motivated by atheism.

On the other hand, Christianity did play a central role in his crimes. In most of his public pronouncements he claimed to be a Christian. He very effectively whipped up anti-Jewish feelings among ordinary (Christian) Germans, many of whom hated Jews for very religious reasons (they killed Christ).

So religion played quite a bit part in the Holocaust, and lack of religion (i.e. atheism) almost none.

stuart said...

I agree.

I think his violent anti-semitism clearly has religious roots. atheism certainly had nothing to do with it.

but i don't expect dispassionate scholarship to sort all this out.