Monday, February 12, 2007

problem of evil

I recently commented on theists’ attitude to the problem of evil. By far the weirdest articles I find are theodicy's countering the problem, I doubt there are many other academic topics where fallen angles feature prominently. Here's a new one.


cristi said...

doesn't sound like my kind of article. but what exactly is you question about evil? "why would god allow/create a world where evil is a possibility?"

surely you've read the philophies that try to answer that question? and i'm not talking about one's that include fallen angels.

stuart said...

pretty much; its an issue of consistency, is an all powerful and all loving god consistent with suffering.

I haven't read the whole thing, but this one is less weird than the others.

i have read many others and they all seem weird to me. the fallen angles one comes from Alvin Plantinga and is part of the definitive free will theodicy. Plantinga is probably the most highly respected philosopher of religion around.