Tuesday, February 20, 2007

problem of evil

I recently wondered why theists are so unconcerned by the problem of evil and commented on the weirdness of the responses. Cristi asks:
surely you've read the philophies that try to answer that question? and i'm not talking about one's that include fallen angels.
This is exactly the attitude I find so strange (assuming I understand Cristi correctly).

There are many, many answers to the problem of evil (I've only read a few), some of them are less weird than others but even Christian philosophers who have no problem dismissing the theory of evolution by natural selection agree that the argument from evil is a very powerful. Religious philosophers believe it has been refuted, atheistic philosophers disagree but I have never been able to get a theist to take the argument seriously (this could be because of me I suppose).

Incidentally, Christopher Hitchens also dismisses the argument and he's more militant in his atheism than I am.

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