Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Basil Bernstein

I don't like Basil Bernstein: his writing style is completely unnecessary. Yet I'm forced to read paper after paper and then pretend (along with everybody else) that I understood a word of it. But maybe I'm just thick and everybody else thinks he writes like a dream, I don't know.

Anyway, I though of a fun game. The last paper I read of his runs from about page twenty to page forty. Choose a page and paragraph number and let me know in the comments. I'll post the paragraph and maybe you can tell me what it means.

OK? Go!


cristi said...

haha, fat chance buddy, i hated that arogant shit long before you did and i'll cut off a limb before i ever read a bernstein paper again. good luck finding a sucker who will

stuart said...

Whoa! I wasn’t suggesting anybody reading the paper. Just thought it might be amusing to see what a randomly chosen paragraph looks like. I can’t be trusted to choose randomly.

Thought Bernstein might bring you out of the woodwork.

Swart Donkey said...

Page 34 Paragraph 2