Monday, March 19, 2007

Cowen on animals

Tyler Cowen has been taking requests, so I asked him about vegetarianism/animal rights. He didn't answer my question specifically but it may have prodded him to answer a similar question. Here is the post. This is the relevant bit:
3. I have nothing against eating animals per se, even live ones, but I think it is immoral to eat animals raised under awful conditions, such as factory farming. Personally, I often try to be good but I often fail as well. I never feel bad eating meat in Europe, and animal welfare is the best argument for European farm subsidies. I will pay more for humanely-raised food, but I won't drive through ten minutes of extra traffic to get it.
I have a lot of sympathy for this position and wouldn’t rule out adopting it myself in the future. Practically, it probably differs very little from my current position; I really should be a vegan. I also think Cowen’s response shows the flaw of taking this approach; it’s too difficult to be disciplined. He is quite unconcerned about his lapses and laziness (on this issue at least) even though he’s declared eating animals reared in awful conditions immoral.


Tracy Leigh said...

What does he mean "live ones"?! I know we spoke about the last night, but I'd like your readers to think about it.

Tyler Cowen has seriously lowered himself in my opinion. What could be more savage than eating a live animal? Perhaps I don't understand what he means, but really that statement needs to be explained!

stuart said...

I'm surprised that you're so shocked by this. At least he isn't afraid to do his own dirty work. Also there's a difference between eating a live oyster (i'm not sure if this is even possible) and eating a live chicken. This would alter your opinion right??

Anyway I doubt he allows the animals blood to splatter the walls in his house. he probably pays other people for the right to splatter thiers.

I can give u his e-mail if u like.