Saturday, March 03, 2007

fallen hero

Top hero Bryan Caplan mentioned South Africa in a post a while ago:
Once a GMU grad student got a job offer in South Africa. He could have bought a glorious mansion there for $80,000. The drawback was that, by buying that house, he would have painted a big target on his back saying "Kidnap me." He didn't go, and who can blame him? There's got to be something horribly wrong with a place where mansions go for $80,000.
He was corrected in the comments but didn't respond one way or the other. This post was a while ago but it has left a really bad taste in my mouth and I can't read his posts in the same way.

Am I guilty of pro South African bias? That would be interesting; it's not something I think I'd be accused of often.

Anyway, I've written an e-mail to Prof. Caplan; if he responds and I don't think I come across as a total moron I'll post the exchange.

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