Friday, March 23, 2007

Michael Moore

There's a new documentary about Michael Moore. The makers of the documentary were fans of Moore but when couldn't arrange an interview with him they started to investigate how he made his films. Unsurprisingly, Moore does not come off well. I am surprised by just how dishonest he actually is. He made his name with the film "Roger & Me" which covered the effects of General Motors closing down several plants resulting in thousands of workers losing their jobs. The film shows Moore unsuccessfully trying to talk to the CEO Roger Smith:
Offended by what he perceives as an injustice, Moore begins seeking out Roger Smith to confront him about the closing of the Flint plants. Moore, thrust off by GM security and PR staff, changes course and turns his camera on the Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau...
Turns out he actually did interview Smith twice but chose not to include the footage!

Ah! But he's a lefty and hates Georg Bush, so he can't be all bad. The film makers are, understandably eager to distance themselves from right wingers
She and Caine also had trouble finding people to talk on camera about Moore, partly because potential interview subjects assumed they were creating a right-wing attack piece; as self-proclaimed left-wingers, they weren't.

Despite what they've learned, the directors still appreciate Moore.
Moore and Chomsky are bad, bad men.

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