Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Randian heroes

Ayn Rand’s heroes are supremely motivated, passionate about what they do and almost never make any mistakes (of any kind). Of course they’re fiercely competitive, but they have no professional jealousy; they long to meet, and compete with, people of superior ability and are gracious when they lose. They are serenely confident of their ability but not in an arrogant way. Don’t expect them to praise the team effort when they win; they know how good they are. They would never, ever, cheat in any way.

Rand would not approve of today’s hero figures. They spout too much banal crap, “Ya, it was a tough game hay, but the guys all pulled together and we managed to pull together and blah blah blah.” I suspect most big shots are too willing to cheat to win, but even those who won’t provide completely ridiculous accounts of events (I’m thinking of coaches here).

So who are the Randian (sporting) heroes of the past few generations? Tiger Woods is too arrogant and boring. Schumacher was too willing to cheat. Zidane lost his head too often. Lance Armstrong is better but he is far too petty when it comes to those he doesn’t like. Pele’s a good option but I don’t really know enough about him. Various Australian cricketers would do well, Ponting perhaps?

But the ultimate Randian hero for our time has to be Roger Federer. His slightly cringe-worthy, but largely honest assessments of how matches fit the bill nicely. He doesn’t throw compliments around which hints that they may be sincere.

Which Randian heroes have I neglected?

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Swart Donkey said...

Ricky Ponting died in a plane crash on the way to the West Indies. He met St Peter at the Pearly Gates who said there was no way that an Australian was allowed into heaven.

But Ricky said that wasn't fair. Just last week he had given $10 to the Feed Africa Fund, the week before he had given $10 to the Anti Woman Abuse Fund, and the week before that he had given $10 to the Sport for Underprivleged Children Fund.

St Peter scowled, and said he would have to check this with the boss.

After a while, he came back and said...

`I have checked it out with the boss and we both agree...

Here is your $30 back, now F*** off.