Saturday, March 03, 2007

School with mutt?

I had an embarrassing “epiphany” about private education the other day. The British taxpayer spends about 5000 pounds per kid on schooling, but quite a few people pay this tax yet still send their kids to even more expensive private schools. There’s a lot of money in this education business, but education in Britain sucks, 1 in 7 kids leave school unable to read properly.

I have opinions on education, I’ve got ideas about what should be taught and I could have a crack at teaching some of these subjects. If I could convince 10 parents that I wasn’t a psycho or a moron (there are plenty of gullible people out there) I could earn at least 50 000 pounds a year teaching their kids; that’s a lot of money.

Advantages include:
  • extremely flexible/personalised education for each kid (within limits set by ideological convictions on teaching and teacher ignorance of certain subjects).
  • parents will have large control of their kid's peer group.
  • bullying would be easily controlled.
  • loads of one on one attention for each kid and better odds of spotting and accommodating talents and stupidities.
  • discourages getting stuck in a teaching rut, I can't imagine the same lesson plans being used for 30 years. Encourages teacher to invest in keeping up to date and to study outside the area of teaching speciality.
  • teacher could earn loads of money.

There is loads more to say about this and I can think of some cons to weigh in against these pros, but I was actually quite shocked by how attractive this option should seem to parents, teachers and kids. I take this either as a sign of how screwed up education is in most places and possibly how little foresight I have.

Any comments?


cristi said...

i like the idea in part. i wouldn't look forward to teaching certain subjects. my only advice would be that any teacher wanting to do this would have to have all their lessons and teaching resources designed and perfected beforehand. otherwise preparing lessons for 6 subjects on a daily basis would be seriously kak. i'm having a shit enough time preparing 4 different lessons daily.

having 10 kids in a class would be bliss though

stuart said...

6 subjects!?? Bloody hell.

I know I didn't say this but there would be very few similarities between my classrooms and regular school classrooms. I’d probably keep maths and science (though in very different forms) but I’d spend the rest of the day indoctrinating them into my cultish belief system. Nothing but books on atheism immigration and libertarianism!!

cristi said...

just try not to mumble when you teach mr grivver