Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This is worthwhile bloggery. Jane Galt has been very busy discussing educational vouchers; all of these posts are from the past week and are all substantial.

She is much more even handed than I am.

These posts were prompted by some lefty bloggers and commenters. I am shocked (shocked!) by some of their uncharitable readings of her. For example, when she says that she would support doubling education funding to pay for vouchers, the response is (I’m paraphrasing here), “Wow! Libertarians have such a profound hatred of everything good that they would be willing to hack their own legs off with rusty saws to destroy the lives of every, single, angelic union teacher.”

Added: Jane has more. She's not convinced that using the "tax is theft" slogan when talking bout educating underprivileged kids is a good way to market libertarianism to non weirdos. I concur.

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