Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lack of posts

Yes I know how disappointing it is to come here and find nothing new, I'm sorry. The news gets even worse though because I won't be posting much for the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, half of my readers will be on holiday with me and not checking the site every few minutes.


Roger Federer has been named world sportsman of the year for a record third straight year. Nobody else has ever won it three times, let alone three in a row. The award dates back to the start of the century. Each time he has had to beat out either Lance Armstrong, Michael Schumacher or Tiger Woods, who are all legends and who have each had a good year in past three years (nobody else has ever won the award). I notice that the poll is heavily biased towards individual sports.

Whatever the bias, or ultimate value of the award, it should help to dispel worries that Federer is only dominant because the other players suck. If the standard of tennis were low, tennis's prestige would suffer and players wouldn't be nominated. The only other tennis player to be nominated for the award is Andre Agassi. Would Borg or Laver have won the award three times in a row? Maybe, but I doubt it. I can't be bothered to check who the other sporting giants were at those times, so I could easily be wrong.

Has anybody heard of Mika? Or his song Grace Kelly? Do you think it's any good? I think it's fantastic, I wonder if this will seem embarrassing in a years time... Thought I should put it on the record so I can't squirm out of the position later. Clearly this is very important to me...

For more future embarrassment, I predict that South Africa will win the cricket world cup. I might agree with Trevor on this but I base this on nothing more than a feeling and think the Australian team is way better (and yes, I do know that we are ranked No. 1).

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Sanisha said...

what about Pete Sampras, he was way better than Agassi and maybe even Federer, and he was a hottie.

stuart said...

Sampras would have been nominated (possibly won) during the early 1990's but this award didn't exist. Sampras played a few years after the award was created, but he was way past his best.

agassi is also hot.

Sampras was maybe way better than Fed? or just maybe better?