Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Harry dies

Nothings leaked out or anything, but bookies are no longer taking bets on whether he dies or not. The betting is shifting to who kills him.

From Marginal Revolution.


gt said...

How can you do this? I may as well give up now (4th book).

Following the links is very dangerous too. I was only on the MR page for about 5 seconds before I realised my folly, but in those 5 seconds I discovered that Neville Longbottom survives the 5th and 6th books.

This after the 4th book was ruined for me when I accidentally discovered that Cedric dies (by coming across a piece of music from the soundtrack entitled "The Death of Cedric" while downloading illegal audiobooks from the internet).

Life is stressful for the Harry Potter laggard. Constant vigilance required. I will never visit your blog again. Too dangerous.

gt said...


Sorry if I ruined everything for people still on the 3rd book.

Goes to show how dangerous your blog is.

stuart said...

finding out that neville survives really spoils things, I wouldn't keep reading if I were you. Since I'm on a role of spoiling things, I can tell you that Knott and Oliver Wood are also still alive.

GT said...

Great. Why don't you just eliminate everyone except Ron and Hermione?

Who's Knott?

Stuart said...

he's one of malfoy's thugs. That spoiler really messes things up.