Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the power of negative thinking

Wimbledon is just getting going so I think I should go on the record with my prediction so I cant squirm out of it later.

Roger Federer will lose, probably in the final, but I have no strong feeling on that. Why will he lose?
  1. The roof of centre court has been removed.
  2. His confidence has been shattered by his French open humiliation.
  3. He's gotta be challenged some time and when he is, his lack of BMT will cause him to crumble.
  4. He has a knack of losing when he's about to equal of beat some cool record, 5 Wimbledons in a row is a prime candidate.
  5. Nadal is clearly the superior player.


Swart Donkey said...

Roger will win...


1) He Rocks
2) He is uber cool
3) He is the bomb
4) I want him to
5) He Rocks

mutt said...

listen buddy, the only way he can win is if I convince myself that he'll lose, so back off.