Friday, June 01, 2007

Staggeringly boring post on tennis

That depressing part of the year when Federer keeps losing is drawing to a close at last, thank god.

I claim that my worship of Federer is based on his intrinsic tennising impressiveness. Same deal with Zidane, Schumacher, Henry and my increasing admiration of Australian cricketers. If Jordan were playing now, maybe I'd appreciate him more.

Sampras may have been good, but he was too mechanical and one dimensional to really win me over. I've been using the same excuse for my dislike of Nadal; he's like a fucking energiser bunny, winning on pure energy rather than tennis skill.

Slowly, and grudgingly, I'm changing my tune, he really is quite good. The evidence is not in his results, it's in his down the line forehand winner; it's a really good shot.

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