Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Men accusing women of "stealing" their sperm appeared in a pair of 2005 stories, including that of a Chicago doctor who impregnated herself with her doctor-boyfriend's sperm (from oral sex). (He sued her for theft, but an appeals court called the sperm a "gift.")
Via Tim Worstall


cristi said...

hey stu. I haven't read your blog in ages. I'm a horrible person i know.

interesting post. i'm trying to immagine the situation, surely boyfriend must have suspected something was up, coz girl would have to behave rather suspiciously after "recieving gift" in order for her plan to work. either way, not a terribly romantic story to tell the kid one day.

thought you'll be happy to know that I am currently "forced" to mark exams in red pen. BAH!

Andrea said...

Ha ha! Hilarious post! What a legend!

Dude-my cell was stolen last weekend. Still have to same number but have lost everyone's number including yours! Please sms me so I can have it. Writing a test on saturday. Movies next week.

Stay cool.