Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random thoughts

It's pretty alarming how nervous ticks and habits can escalate into downright bizarre behaviour. Yesterday I was near (far too near) to a conversation where a woman would repeatedly and loudly respond "Yeah! Yeah" to anything that was said. Everybody has their filler words and lots of us use "like" or "ummm" more often than we should, but there comes a point where it gets pretty weird. She would say it before the person said anything and then several times during the following sentence.

Apparently Dorkhead was unaware of his "and he was like aaaaaoowwww and I was like aroooooooo" routine and then his "dooo be doooo be doo" routine (I'm laughing now). We need people to tell us otherwise we don't learn.

This is pretty scary for a prospective teacher. I picked up the nickname "the crow" within weeks at Bishops, god knows what the Khyalitsha kids called me.

You can inform me of my entertaining ticks in the comments, anonymously if you like, though I very much doubt I'll have trouble knowing who you are. And yes, I will be offended.


Trevor said...

You've got that whole swallowingy thing gone on, I will think of a better way to describe it next time I have the misfortune of being in your company.

The Crow.... hehe

Did you ask one of your pupils for 50 cents?

mutt said...

No I didn't. Apparently I'm rather paler than I would have guessed. I also wore the same jacket most days (though it wasn't black)

cristi said...

i haven't been around you in a while. but at one stage i could immitate your sound effects. quite funny. you often reply to social commentry with a sceptical sounding (kinda nasally) "yeah".

mutt said...

nasal? Oh dear.

I should skip the whole polite, seeing things from the other point of view routine (act). I should just say, “you’re full of shit”