Thursday, September 06, 2007


Federer often comes across worse in print than he does in real life. He says arrogant things, but he doesn't sound that arrogant when he says them. But this sounds just about right.

If I don't beat Sampras's record people might almost consider me a failure because I've had so much success over the last few years. But the tough times will come for me and you know what, I'm not worried - I'm having the time of my life.

Added: Yes, I was wrong.

After reading all the write ups of the match available on the web I feel that I should point out that the following chain of reasoning is not valid.

The first two sets were very close. Thus Roddick could have won both sets and hence the match. Federer appeared to be at, or near his best. Thus their head-to-head record and the differences between how each players career turned out have come from small differences in ability or BMT or whatever.

The argument could have been used after the Australian Open to show that Roddick is actually really really useless and should consider himself lucky to be in the top 100.

One match doesn't tell us much.


GT said...

Excuse me... where's the embarrassed apology about the Roddick prediction.

GT said...

By the way, let me guess... he's going to lose to Davydenko.

Stuart said...

why would I be embarrassed?

The next couple of matches are tough to call. I'm very confident that nobody left in the draw can beat federe but this confidence makes me nervous.

Maybe it's time to start dabbling in conspiracy theories.