Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday I was channel surfing listening out for the cricket and at about Radio 2000 frequency I picked up a very solemn biography of a great Muslim. I don't know how much I missed and I didn't pick up his name (till the end), but I was interested because it was so detailed. It was unashamedly hagiographic so I was sceptical of the claims, but it was nice to hear all this from a different perspective. The dude sounded pretty good, very tolerant and kind. He respected all women and honoured his wife, he almost never got angry and even then it was only for religious reasons (implication that this was good). His righteous religious anger was in clearest display in his persistent demand that Salman Rushdie be killed. Hmm...

Added: Umm... I was typing this in a rush. Ayatollah Khomeini was the person being described.

I also just watched bits of the current Iranian president's speech/Q&A session. The question about Iran's treatment of gays was great; the guy is obviously very smart etc but it was funny how awkward he seemed. I also thought the laughter when he said "we don't have homosexuals like you guys do" was pretty genuine and spontaneous. Laughter from students is brilliant because it illustrates how ridiculous his response was.

I don't know much about Iran and from what I do know this guy has limited real power so maybe the treatment of gays isn't directly his fault. I also don't know exactly how difficult it is to live a discreet gay lifestyle; I don't know. But as long as he symbolises this kind of stuff he's a symbol of something worth taking a stand against.

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