Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Defective patriotism gland


I was very, very upset after the cricket semi-final in 1999 (this probably has a lot to do with my Klussner adulation) and I was very happy when Josia Thugwane won the Olympic marathon even though I'd never even heard of him. Nevertheless, I find myself caring less and less about the fate of our national teams including the Springboks in this world cup. This is despite the fact that I find the current team more appealing than most past teams.

My Federer devotion shows that I can be fiercely loyal to a group, so my patriotism gland still seems to do stuff, it's just malfunctioning. I wonder why that is, and I wonder if Trevor will offer this as a candidate for instant execution.


Trevor said...

Winning is nice.

We haven't really won anything big recently and continually getting kicked in the balls hurts

Your patriotism gland will be fully healed when we are 2007 World Cup Rugby champs

Most painful sporting memmories

1) 1999 Cricket World Cup Semi
2) 2007 Super 14 Final
3) 2000 Super 12 Season
4) 1992 Cricket World Cup Semi
5) 2003 Cricket World Cup
6) Mark Waugh not walking when stepped on wicket ==> lost Test Series to Aus (Stump through door incident)

I know there are plenty more relating to the Sharks but they don't seem to spring to mind.

Funnily the rugby world cup was never as painful since we have never really been strong favourites till now.

Stuart said...

Watch "idiocracy", there, the most popular TV show is "OW my balls!" it was pretty good.

winning IS nice, but given my lack of patriotism I don't especially care if WE win.