Sunday, October 07, 2007

I hate nature...

and those stupid nature documentaries it spawns. Nature is mean and the suffering that goes on the whole time is staggering. I couldn't stand watching the injured polar bear slowly die of starvation in the recent BBC version of Planet Earth. I generally wish that environmentalists would focus more on the individual suffering caused to animals, rather than bombard us with other measure of how terrible things are. Pitiful polar bear deaths are a good way to do it. Although we should realise that extreme suffering will remain the standard lot for most animals even in natural utopias.

In theory, I have no problem with massive intervention in nature to reduce the suffering that goes on and I hope one day it will be feasible.


GT said...

Jeez, I thought you were actually watching that nature documentary the other day for fun. Can I suggest some good Hollywood action movies for next time you're planning a relaxing dvd and pizza evening?

mutt said...

It’s kind of how I feel about all “good” movies. Here is my question to all of you who like watching slow polar bear death films; why do you do it. Either you do not have the correct response and are a psychopath, or the film makes you depressed and you feel depressed. I don’t see the up side.

I recognise the first problem in myself sometimes; I can’t really explain why I liked mystic river so much or why it didn’t depress me. I’m clearly a psycho.

What’s YOUR excuse?

Tracy Leigh said...

If one wants go get the complete picture of what it's like to be alive, you need to see the living and the dying, as sad as it is.

It also inspires empathy. Empathy motivates people to take actions which can help living creatures.

Lastly without actually knowing what things are happening and why (for better or worse), we'd never know the implications of our actions and how we could do things are better.

At the same time I hate gratuitous killing and suffering in the animal world as show in some documentaries. I don't think it's inspired by a genuine interest in animal life, but rather a fascination with killing and death. I think(hope) that a wild animal's life is sometimes quite relaxed since they're not constantly being eaten!

stuart said...

Whoa, so you buy the "suffering triggers empathy which outweighs the suffering" theodicy?? this is news.

Suffering sucks, death is currently popular, not inevitable, we're all machines and just good at maintaining them.

also the kind of people who watch these thing usually know all about the suffering.

(I don't really disagree with anthing you say by the way...)