Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Is awesome, but it has its limits. Here's what it has to say about disciple and "fagging" at Maritzburg College

Over the years, some Old Collegians and parents have been outspoken about College's allegedly outmoded system of "fagging" - where a second year boy waits upon and serves the senior boys, as a butler would. However, this system - together with the general "privilege" system that underpins the school's ethos and sense of discipline - is carefully monitored by the staff, hostel masters and senior prefects. College's rigorous structure of traditions and concepts date back to similar styles found in pre-1900 British boarding schools, and this is perhaps the only school where this structure is retained to something like its original extent.

If memory serves, one of my senior prefects would have a line of second formers wait their turn to sumo wrestle him during breaks. Ahh, I can still here the sounds of young flesh thwacking into cold hard cement as if it were yesterday.

I don't think it's an advert for the school that one of its old boy's actually thinks that College is really the only school that still does this stuff, the only school in the world??


GT said...

I presume you're seen this... http://www.theonion.com/content/node/50902

Stuart said...

thats funny, but a bad example to choose to make fun of wikipedia.

wikipedia actually is really good for tons of stuff, the "middle" if nobody cares or people care to much, then it starts to suck.