Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yay me!!

I have watched a heavy, slow moving foreign (which of course means non-American and possibly non-English. I half consider South African films foreign, not that I watch any) film and loved it. "The Lives of Others" is awesome. There is still unnecessary stuff that's included to make its point. When the baddie hears pretty music, we don't need him to cry and we definitely don't need the goodie to say, "I don't believe anyone who truly hears
this music can be a bad person. I initially thought that the baddie's transformation was too quick and easy but in the end that one of the most impressive parts of the film, cramming the transformation from committed communist party man to dissident into less than two hours and making it pretty believable.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it too - even the sentimental bit. I can imagine an artsy type saying something like "noone who truly hears this music could be bad".

Do you think the writer/director character had any flaws? He seemed like the perfect man.