Monday, December 24, 2007

Sporty thoughts (feel like making money?)

They say it's shaping up to be the most competitive title race in years (English soccer) but they're wrong. Man U will cruise all the way home. The bookies do have them as clear favourites, but not clear enough!

This year I've been a little grumpy about people heralding the demise of Roger Federer. Sure it was a worse year than the past couple but I really think he needs to lose at least one non-clay grand slam before he can be consigned to the dustbin of tennisy history. Having said all this the bookies say that Fed winning all four next year is as likely as him winning one and that Fed winning two is as likely as him winning three. I say that three is as likely as one with two far the most likely option. He is very unlikely to win all four.


Swart Donkey said...

I will give you R100 even money on two things:

1) Federer will win 2 or more Grand Slams
2) Man U will not win the Premier League

Stuart said...

don't like the federer bet, but I'll take you up on the man U bet.