Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He admitted it! He took drugs!

Questions for Obama:

  • Since you believe that you should have been imprisoned in your youth yet continue to run for president is it fair to assume that you think there is nothing wrong with criminals being president?
  • Is your presidential campaign a response to a criminal justice system so broken that it lets people like you roam the street?
  • How exactly do you think your life would have turned out if you had been punished like you claim you should have been?


  • Yes, that's fair. I know many criminals who I'd happily vote for if they were running.
  • Look, I committed a terrible crime, but look at me! I'm smart, eloquent and attractive! I'm nothing like those depraved evil people who are deservedly being sodomised right now for the exact same crime.
  • Listen you little twit. Nobody gives a shit if I took drugs 20 years ago, and no, I don't regret it, it was great. But since this great nation is comprised mostly of idiots, I have to solemnly swear to put as many people like me (and let's face it, probably you too) behind bars for as many years as possible. Deal with it.

I'm sure it wont be difficult to do better.

Added: Considering that this is a very racially charged issue in the US I should have been clearer, and mentioned the other candidates silliness as well. Obama has been very open about his past drug use (which includes cocaine) and one of the guys on the Clinton campaign recently stepped down in disgrace for suggesting that the republicans would make a big deal over Obama's drug use. Clinton apologised to Obama personally that one of her people should launch such an outrageous "attack". But why exactly? There's a war on drugs, people who posses them are supposed to go to jail. What would people think if he had actually gone to jail? What would his life have been like? What if he had been to jail for robbery or assault?

If it's stupid to mention his past drug use it's stupid to send people like him to jail now. Here's an article explaining the whole ridiculous thing

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Tracy said...

Can you provide some context for those of us who are pretty clueless about US politics?