Saturday, January 26, 2008


In case you hadn't spotted it, there's a cool Dilbert widget on my sidebar. If you click on it twice (not double click) you'll see a little button saying "grab it!" Click that and it'll offer to add the widget to anywhere you like, desktop, Facebook profile, blog, wherever.

Also a while back I discovered that even Greg didn't know what my tag line, "commentary from the fantasy based community" meant, so it'd unlikely that anyone does. It's a response to those bloggers who proudly declaim that they are part of the "reality based community". Unsurprisingly they all have similar politics (which are not mine) thus are not only declaring those who disagree with them to be wrong, but deluded, in a smarmy arrogant way to top it off. I'm proud to be part of the fantasy based community!


trev said...

I had no clue...

assumed it was just some automatic tag line that you had been too lazy to change!

Tracy said...

I like it! It's a nice response to the attitude: "We know it all, and not only that, we're the only ones who know anything at all".