Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It wounds my soul to admit it but...

Alex Ferguson has said something I like.

What annoys me about some footballers today is the personal glory thing... They score a goal and knock players out of the road so they can get personal gratification and play to the fans.

I put this tendency right up there with diving in repulsiveness. A striker could topple over from boredom in front of goal while his teammate deftly weaves his way through the opposing players and slides the ball past the keeper. But if the ball happens to bobble over his crumpled form on the way to the back of the net he'll instantly leap up and rush to the nearest stand of supporters to parade in front of them. If his teammates want to join him they must wait until he has done his solo bit and then leap upon him with expressions of ecstatic gratitude and profound awe. If however they forget themselves and attempt to join in the celebration early, well, then they only have themselves to blame if they have their teeth knocked out as our hero elbows and punches them aside.

So well done Sir Alex, if you revise your stance on diving I might even revise my stance on you. If your opponent receives a penalty for diving then that is indeed unjust, it doesn't magically become "part of the game" when one of your guy does it (to be fair all managers are like this).

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