Friday, January 04, 2008

Magic or materialism

I don't have the energy to post my references but I've noticed that many atheists (including real philosophical big shots) regard consciousness as something very different from the rest of nature. One philosopher claims that conscious stuff squeezed through the past big crunch and came through the big bang. Another dude claims that particles themselves are conscious. They deny that computers can ever be conscious. I doubt I've stepped further from any area of competence I might have, but this is mad.

It's difficult to imagine a computer who understands what its like to be in love, or score a winning touchdown but so what? That just makes it difficult is all. As soon as you start talking about conscious electrons I don't really see what you can say to astrologers or witch doctors, for you also believe in magic.

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Tracy said...

These philosophers seem to believe in what they like - which is rather esoteric. How about a more cautious approach rather than making things up?

I'm a scientist at heart and don't believe we need to start guessing at phantoms to explain consciousness. This kind of groping for mythical essences has been tried before (life force, or ether of space) and proven incorrect.