Friday, January 25, 2008

Predictable politicians

Given that so many pundits were shocked by how brazenly Bush broke his election promises I'm surprised that there isn't more discussion about the likelihood of each candidate meaning what they say. I find it positively weird that people would even consider voting for Romney. It also reminds me of Tory pundits soothing themselves about Cameron by claiming that he was lying through his teeth about how he would govern. It's one thing to be skeptical about policy promises, it's another to want your man to be a deceitful weasel.

I should have mentioned that being a predictable leader can be a vice. I'm sure that North Koreans find Kim Jong il's impressive predictability somewhat tiresome.

I don't really mind Clinton and Obama (I actually think he's pretty cool) but if you're interested, here are some reasons not to vote for Clinton and this Obama campaign ad makes me cringe.

Apart from the massive corruption issue, Zuma's lack of predictability is a big issue. He's managed to be so vague about his policy views that it's difficult to be offended by them (you can be offended by his rhetoric though), but I'll take some convincing that he'll deal with the temptations in a principled way.

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