Thursday, January 31, 2008

Really random sports thoughts about sport

I remember the first game of soccer I ever got excited about. It was Madrid vs Man U in the 2000 Champions League and it ended 0-0. Despite the score, it was end to end stuff and Madrid were awesome (I wasn't surprised when they went up 3-0 in the space of a few minutes at Old Trafford two weeks later). I've been a Madrid supporter pretty much ever since, but they've been making it harder recently with crap displays and unpleasant politics. On Sunday though they won me back in about 10 seconds; two touches, Gutti from deep with a ball along the ground and Robhinio finishing with as little fuss and as much class as you can imagine. It was beautiful. To top it all off though, Robhinio summoned Gutti to polish his right boot. It was enough to cleanse me of years of cynicism.

Is it just me or is the goal duel between Ronaldo and Adebayor getting a bit ridiculous? Ronaldo is clearly the star (he's threatening to make a mockery of pretty much all the season goal records), but Adebayor is impressively reluctant to be shaken off.

I'm not much of a cricket man but I am sad to see Gilchrist go. Has there been another cricketer (or even sportsman) with as good a combination of impressiveness, likeability sportsmanship?

I'm quite keen to watch the Superbowl on Monday. I know nothing about US football but the Patriots are something and I'd like to watch Tom Brady. I liked stories about how Lance Klusener couldn't make his school first team, but the greatest quarterback ever not being able to make his school team? He remains relatively slow and unathletic. His whole story is admirable (no tragedy though L)

I don't really have much to add about the tennis. Djokovic is very impressive, especially the style he plays at his age. He's incredibly fast consistent and accurate, but I think a long reign for him at the top would be a bit dull. Nadal and Federer have way more style (of course Djokovic is a more entertaining personality).

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