Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's been an interesting time for libertarianism because a libertarian (Ron Paul) has done surprisingly well in the Republican primaries. He's raised a lot of money and polled well against more famous candidates. I never liked him because he's very anti-immigration, but most of us were all excited cos we thought it meant that people were seeing the light. Turns out he keeps unpleasant, racist company and isn't especially concerned about it.

Unfortunately lots of his supporters are sticking by him on the devastating grounds that it's not illegal to have racist friends (or even be racist) and it's an attack on free speech to denounce him. Apparently it is almost impossible for many people to conceive of a legally performed action that is also morally wrong.

It also reminds me of how many types of libertarian there are and how many people are attracted to it for unappealing reasons.

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