Wednesday, January 23, 2008


According to the William Hill betting site John McCain has leapfrogged Barack Obama as the second most likely person to be the next president. This does not gel at all with my intuitive reaction to what I've been reading. But I know what source I trust more. If you feel this is all wrong, then go and make some money!

I'm still hoping for a McCain/Obama race even though running against Clinton maximises McCain's chances and on balance I like McCain. He might not be perfect but my impression is that he'd govern in the most predictable way which is a huge plus in my eyes. One of the problems I have with Bush is how differently he governed to how he campaigned and it caught people off guard. Having said this, nobody else is, so it's probably crap.


trev said...

Wouldn't have taken you for a Republican...

very surprised

Stuart said...

Eventually people realise that I'm not just a contrarian, I am actually evil.

Actually, I identify with neither party. But I can think of several Republican's who I'd have voted for over their democrat opponent, Regan being one of them McCain another. I'd take Obama over any of the other Republicans.

GT said...

I like McCain because it seems like he actually has real opinions of his own, and he's reasonably honest about them. I agree that this also implies that he's more likely to govern in a predictable way.

Oh, I also actually like a lot of his opinions.

(Trevor please do not take this to mean I'm also "a Republican".)

GT said...

Just looked at the odds. I didn't realise that Hillary Clinton was such an overwhelming favourite. Pity - I was hoping McCain had more of a chance. Seems like it's going to be President Clinton again. What is it with Americans and family dynasty's? After Hillary, another Bush will probably emerge.

By the way - did you see the hilarious onion article about Bill Clinton entering the race?

Stuart said...

I did see it. It is hilarious.

I'm sure Jeb Bush will be all ready in 4 to 8 (he hasn't had any big issues has he? the terri schevio thing maybe?)

I also should have mentioned that I actually like McCains views. He's taken the biggest (correct) stance on Guantanamo, Rumsfeld, torture and immigration. Even when it's been clear that it has cost him politically (his campaign almost died when his immigration reform thingie failed but he hasn't recanted).

There are some things I don't like about him, but find me the perfect candidate and I'll support him/her.