Sunday, February 03, 2008

30 seconds inside Stu's head

Scene: Stu wanders aimlessly through Exclusive Books. His eyes widen slightly as he notices the bins signifying the annual sale and he somewhat reluctantly wanders over.

Stu: What are the odds of finding anything good (asked rhetorically)? Is it just me or is this sale getting a little more cynical every year...? Mnff (inarticulate expression of frustration glossing over books). Hey cool, Bowling Alone. It's paper back... dirty and worn out! R20...? R100!? ha ha ha ha ha!! (possibly attracting a few looks for inexplicable laughter)

aaaaaaaaaannnnd... scene.


Tracy said...

Was it R100?!!

That's expensive. Not much of a book sale.

Just a comment: I'm very surprised how expensive books are here. They're not cheaper than in South Africa.

sid said...

It's Exclusive books people. They are always expensive.