Tuesday, February 05, 2008

and why, pray tell, do you care?

It's a pity the Giants won. For someone who has no emotional investement in either team I can't help feel disappointed that the result depended on one team (the better team)underperforming. I also don't want people to be encouraged to think thoughts like, "the rest of the season counts for nothing! When it came to the crunch we showed them who's really best.". The final play was impressive and looked pretty damn cool, but, at the end of the day, it was pretty lucky too.

I think I could get into American football. Who knows, maybe I could one day get into rugby!


GT said...

Admit it - it's just your anti-patriotism and general contrariness that's stopping from getting into rugby.

I agree about the luck thing. I watched the last ten minutes (which actually seemed to take about an hour). It seemed like a number of the Giants last few plays could very, very easily have resulted in a turnover. And then the Patriots would have won.

mutt said...

I'll never, ever admit it.