Thursday, February 07, 2008

John McCain

My top bloggers all hate John McCain, but they're usually a little vague about why. So I trawled around a bit looking and I've gotta say, I'm underwhelmed. As well as I could make out he is guilty of the following sins.

  • Enthusiastic tobacco regulator and taxer.
  • Doesn't want people to get big contributions to campaigns (I'm agnostic about this).
  • Has a kind of old fashioned view of virtue and what counts as a meaningful life.
  • Drug warrior.
  • He's hawkish.
  • Makes supply-side noises.
  • Evidence stacked up since World War II suggests that, contrary to popular opinion, he may have told a lie.
  • He has no grand vision for America in the 21st century (good!).
  • ???

Give me a break. Fine I don't like most of these things either, but a) I don't find them outrageous, indefensible or even important and b) I would find it astonishing (and weird) if I liked everything about a candidate and c) The fact that this is the worst people can muster does actually say a lot. People who like markets so much should know that you can't usually rest your case by simply noting the cons while ignoring the pros, and McCain has a lot going for him.

I do like him less now, which is good I think, and I'm a little anxious about his choice of running mate, especially since there's a reasonable chance he'll die in the next few years.

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trev said...

To be honest, I just don't know enough about him.

I like the fact that Obama is an engaging speaker, and well liked.

I like the fact that Hillary is a strong woman.

I don't know much about McCain... but my living memory includes two Bushes and a Clinton, and that is what I base my sentiments on.

i.e. that is why I lean towards the Democrats.

I am also pretty scared of the `American Taliban' element of the Republican Party... i.e. those who want to turn the U.S. into a christian state along the lines of an islamic state....

I realise those are the extremes...

And I also realise I am very ignorant in this area.