Saturday, February 02, 2008

more Woods vs Federer

I'm happy to defer to my betters on the subject, but this kind of comment does irritate me
No matter what they say, both players have one eye on what the other is doing. It appears that’s what is motivating them, since no one within their sport have the balls to step it up and work harder.

Up until last week, that is. Federer’s loss at a Grand Slam is a major hit for him in that race. Woods’s destruction is only making it worse. Or is it?
Federer had demolished the record for consecutive grand slam finals. That streak is over, but as a consolation prize he continues his demolition of the record for consecutive semi-finals, which is also a cool record.

The requirement that he not only breaks these records but that he should double them (just to keep up!)is a bar to high and should not be considered.

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