Monday, February 25, 2008

please note

this blog's adorable new title.


sid said...

I have to admit that I find your slideshow of the kittens very distracting. I can spend an entire hour just looking at it and going *aaaw*

Hey just wanted to know if you're willing to be a guest writer on my blog. You don't have to write anything exceptionally long. It can be 5 lines (as long as it doesn't amount to hate speach). Lemme know.

mutt said...

hmmm... I'm not sure you can count on me to refrain from hate speech, the urge is very strong.

But thanks for the invite, I'll check out your blog and see what I think of (of course, you're welcome to use something that I post here).

Greg Torr said...

How about a new subtitle too?

Tracy said...

I agree with Sid, the slideshow is so cute.

mutt said...

I hope you all get the subtle nod to "day day of the jackal" clever no?

Actually it is a bit, the story is about the jackal and his plan to snipe De Gaul.

Greg, you happy now?